Roy Dickson 1930s Alaska Bush Pilot
Third Printing
Copyright Roy Dickson, Jr. & Dorothy D. McLaren
Roy Dickson, Jr. and Dorothy Dickson McLaren have vivid memories of adopted
"hometowns" as their family moved to Alaska, then to California, Texas, and
finally to Oklahoma where they each graduated from University of Tulsa.
Dorothy's degree led to her teaching high school business subjects,
plus many years as a secretary and homemaker. Her 49-year marriage
to Ben McLaren included 17 years in Texas, then moving "way out
East" after retirement to North Carolina, Tennessee and finally, to
Fayetteville, Georgia, where she now resides.
Her hobbies include non-fiction writing, travel and history. She
became interested in writing while helping with her mother's
manuscript about her father's flying adventures. Encouragement came
from writer's groups in Tennessee and Georgia.
Members of Dorothy's family are daughter Sharon and her husband
Kevan Brady, and son Scott with wife Mary McLaren along with their
children Cecilia, Lucy and William.
Roy, Jr.'s math degree led to his enjoying a 33-year career in
Information Technology with Phillips Petroleum Company. Roy and
wife Cassandra now reside in Nashville, TN, and his hobbies
include genealogy, film-making and fishing.
Roy's family includes daughter Julia and her husband Michael
Skelton, son Roy Shelton Dickson, III.
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